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About the conference

ASE DevOps 2015 is a conference on DevOps practices organized by Association of Software Engineers (ASE).
Like other events held by ASE during the year this is again a first-of-its-kind event in Bulgaria and has similar objectives.

Speakers at ASE DevOps 2015 are software engineers with hands-on experience in DevOps practices. They have developed Continuous Delivery and Production Monitoring software processes in actual development environments of small to large companies. These are the speakers who will show you how they do DevOps, what has worked and what has not; they will share with you real world advice.

If you are a software engineer, technical team lead, project manager, quality assurance engineer or R&D director you are welcome to join and gain insights on the history, development and use of DevOps practices.

If you intend to automate the process of delivery and deployment of your software systems and you have questions you would like to ask please register for ASE DevOps 2015 to receive valuable advice from people with practical expertise in the field.

Keynote speaker

John Willis

John Willis

John is Technical Evangelist for Docker, which he joined after the company he co-founded (SocketPlane, which focused on SDN for containers) was acquired by Docker in March 2015. Previous to founding SocketPlane in Fall 2014, John was VP of Customer Enablement at Stateless Networks, and prior to that John was Chief DevOps Evangelist at Dell, which he joined following the Enstratius acquisition in May 2013. He has also held past executive roles at Opscode/Chef and Gulf Breeze Software.


Ivaylo Bratoev

Ivaylo Bratoev

Ivaylo Bratoev has more than 10 years experience in software development. He is keen on agile project management, DevOps and all practices that help create quality software. Ivaylo enjoys leading teams to their success. Recently, he has been doing that in Telerik by promoting and implementing DevOps practices in the company.

Ivan Goychev

Ivan Goychev

Ivan has gathered deep technical experience in delivering large scale projects at challenging startups where both performance and product delivery were crucial.
Currently he is VP Technology at Vayant Travel Solutions and finds inspiration in efficient team collaboration, performance optimizations and data visualizations.

Martin Gutenbrunner

Martin Gutenbrunner

Martin is Developer Advocate at Ruxit where he is trying to stay in touch with customers, blogging, and talking at conferences. Before joining Ruxit, he worked as a Lead Software Developer and Architect on Java web applications for about a decade. In private life, he's a father and runner and he really loves pixelart and good stories.

Rado Minchev

Radoslav Minchev

Rado is a senior-level DevOps/ALM expert and Microsoft Certified .NET Framework developer. Before founding R&D Solutions, he was the senior manager for global engineering services for one of the worldwide leaders in software components development. He led a company team of engineering architects, release, software and test automation engineers providing build automation, continuous integration and delivery and automated quality engineering for 10 product development teams worldwide.

Lukian Tabandzhov

Lukian Tabandzhov

Lukian is the co-founder of Equafy, with more than fifteen years experience in software development. He has in the past been in charge of managing the continuous integration and release process for some of the most important Experian products.
As part of his responsibilities at Equafy, he is successfully managing the entire process of continuous integration, test automation, release management and continuous delivery.
As the most challenging result, he has integrated the continuous delivery process straight into the software development, starting up from the developer's environment.


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